The foundation of all dance forms. Dancers will develop poise and grace while being exposed to French terminology. Ballet fundamentals will improve all movements by placing emphasis on proper placement, body alignment and technique.


A stylized theatrical form of dance emphasizing expression, flexibility, progressions, strength and energy. Jazz dance is extremely diverse and changes with the music that influences it.


A partner dance incorporating a complex mix of rhythms. Students will learn the patterns with step-by-step instruction and detailed foot, hand and hip movements.


This class will have its students dancing around the room like Fred and Ginger. Learn popular social dances such as the waltz and foxtrot.


A street dance style that evolved as part of the hip hop movement. This class incorporates numerous aerobic practices, using a variety of forms, motions, and maneuvers especially emphasized in martial arts, gymnastics, and funk dance.

Stretch and Strengthening

A one hour class especially created to sculpt the dancer’s body. This class will concentrate on core work while emphasizing flexibility and form.

Creative Movement

Creative Movement is a joyful way for children to explore movement through music, develop physical skills and learn how to work together. This class is open to children ages 22 months to 2.5 years. Students will be taught basic ballet while in a fun environment.

Hip Hop

A popular contemporary dance consisting of free flowing, rhythmic, and urban styled choreography, with freestyle movements done to popular music.

Little Stars

A combination class created for toddlers incorporating basic movements in ballet, tap, jazz and tumbling. This course introduces acting, singing and creative movement in a playful atmosphere to develop self-awareness, coordination and confidence.

Super Stars

A combination class created for five through seven year old children incorporating ballet, tap and jazz. Dancers in this class will learn basic technique and sound of movements along with performance ability through song and dance.


An emotive dance style that reflects the storyline of a piece of music. Ballet, jazz and modern steps are used to express the mood or tone of the sound.

All Star Acrobatics

A basic tumbling and gymnastic training. Students will gain strength and work on flexibility.

Teen Jazz Fusion

Combines steps from classical jazz, latin jazz and hip hop for a high energy dance class.

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre is a grouping of dancing, singing and acting. Students will develop speaking and movement skills through teamwork and collaborative play. Students will learn how to develop characters and play out storylines using dramatic activities while building self-esteem and confidence. Dance combinations will be united with vocals, as their individual uniqueness shines through.

Adult Fusion Workout

A fun, aerobic class developed for adults who like to dance and want to improve their fitness. Jazz, hip hop and latin dance steps keeps students moving while toning, and firming.

Shining Stars

A combination class created for four to five year old children concentrating on ballet, tap, and jazz movements. Electives such as hip hop, lyrical and musical theatre will be introduced throughout the course.


A method of rhythm and syncopated movements executed by the feet. Tap dancing will enhance timing, precision and coordination.

Video Pop

A hip hop class that incorporates music video choreography, kicks and turns. Dance moves from the latest videos will be broken down and reviewed.


A fun partner dance of the 30s, 40s and 50s done to big band swing and rhythm and blues music. Students will learn classic swing dance moves from beginners’ steps to elaborate kicks and spins.

Kids Cheer Dance

Emphasizes the basics of cheerleading. Learn the proper skills in tumbling, stunting, jumps and dance from a former Nets Cheerleader!

Voice Lessons

Offered for private instruction and include basic vocal technique for ages six through adult. Students are taught proper efficiency, breath control, diction and posture.

Rock Stars Hip Hop

Especially created for ages 5-7. Be ready to party with jumps, line dances, and the coolest moves of today.