Elite students ages six and up will have the opportunity to participate at competitions and various performances in our ensemble. As a member, students will experience a new and exciting level of dance, the thrill of competition, the fun of performing, and the camaraderie with their team members and instructors.

The ensemble will also be performing in various community events as well as two to three competitions throughout out the year, with the chance to attend special dance conventions and classes taught by comp judges and guest teachers. Solos, duets, and trios are achievable for those experienced students who are interested in a greater challenge and commitment. All members of the ensemble will get to participate in the opening number of our annual recital and must be present for all shows.

Our ensemble requires a higher level of commitment including mandatory ballet and conditioning class, extra classes/rehearsal time, entry/convention fees, purchasing costumes, NEW sweat suits, and additional fees that may come up throughout the year. There is a Mandatory Boot Camp during the summer in which all dancers are required to attend. There are significant requirements regarding attendance, fundraising, conduct and behavior, as ADA teams need to be well prepared and well represented at all of the dance competitions, performances and events.

Interested in joining the team?